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is headed by our International Society of Arbor Culture Certified Arborist and supported by our Licensed Tree Experts. Our combined 100+ years of experience has allowed us to set up customized treatment options for all types of ornamentals.

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Dormant Oil Application

Applied when temperatures are just above freezing, this application protects your trees and shrubs from mites and scales (damaging insects that like to call your ornamentals “home”).

Hemlock Treatment

These specialized injections provide lasting protection throughout the growing season against Hemlock Scale and Woolly Adelgid, insects that specifically attack the hemlock.

Fall Fertilization

A special blend of fertilizer is laid down that promotes health and growth through the fall season. This is an important application because it gives your plants the nutrients they need before the harsh winter months.

Winter Protection

As the temperature sinks, tree roots are unable to absorb water through the frozen ground, which results in dehydration. Our Anti-Desiccant Applications will help your trees retain necessary water, keeping them healthy over the long winter.

Specialized Sprays

These sprays help establish new plantings by correcting nutrient deficiencies and offering root stimulants through leaf and soil drenching applications. So if you’ve just planted an ornamental, these would help offset any loss in nutrition they’ve experienced in the transplantation process.

Plant Regulators

These growth regulators, or plant hormones, act as “messengers” for the plant cells and positively affect the growth cycle. Five different hormones work together to influence root initiation, development of buds, stem elongation, flowering, seed germination, and more.

Bark Sprays

These properly-timed applications will help defend your trees and shrubs against wood-boring insects. These insects tunnel into and live under the bark of the tree. They act like tree vampires, feeding on tissues that move water and sap through the tree. This spray acts as a repellent for these insects.

Arborjet and Mauget Trunk Injections

Used for pest control against wood-boring insects, the process involves injecting the formula directly into the tree trunk. Because it’s injected directly, it limits the impact on the surrounding environment.

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In this business, you’re only as good as your work. And we’re proud to say that ours is the best.

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