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Your lawn provides you with a special haven for relaxation and enjoyment. But it’s not the only green area that can give you those rewarding feelings. If you’re looking for some fun outdoor activities that require a little more space than your lawn can provide, here are some great green areas near you!

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Cedar Grove Park

Located on Fairview Avenue, Cedar Grove Park is the newest addition to the Essex County Park system. It’s the fourth-largest park in the system at 77 acres and features the Robert J. O’Toole Community Center, bocce courts, a farm-themed playground area, and fitness stations along walking paths.


  • Walking/Jogging
  • Bocce
  • Playground
  • Fitness Stations

Mills Reservation

This historic county park in eastern Cedar Grove, New Jersey is a 157-acre reservation that’s maintained by the Essex County Park Commission. Originally gifted to the Park Commission from the Davella Mills Foundation in 1954, this park offers four major trails with several offshoots for walking or jogging. These trails (plus the small parking lot) were the only development that has ever taken place on this land, a stipulation of the original gift. There’s a scenic lookout at the outcrop at Quarry Point, where you can catch a glimpse of warblers in the spring, or hawks in the fall.


  • Walking/Jogging
  • Birdwatching
  • Scenic Views

Verona Park

Less than 3 miles south of downtown Cedar Grove, this 54-acre park is full of weeping willows and winding paths. The swamp was turned to a lake in 1814 when the Peckman River was dammed for a grist mill.


  • Walking/Jogging
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking

Brookdale Park

Ten minutes east of downtown, Brookdale Park is 78 acres of partially-forested land with multiple pathways and tons of places for activities. It holds athletic fields for pick-up games, as well as park buildings, baseball/softball fields, eleven tennis courts, facilities, rose garden, and a stadium with an encircling track. The park is home to an annual arts and crafts festival, as well as other featured events.


  • Fitness Course
  • Softball/Baseball Fields
  • Archery Field
  • Picnicking
  • Grandstand
  • Playgrounds
  • Rose Garden
  • Dog Park
  • Soccer Fields
  • Mountain Biking

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