Your lawn can be one of two things—It can be a hub of activity for your family that gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction, or it can just be another lawn.

At Harvest Lawn Care, we want your lawn to stand out for its beauty and health.

That’s why we stand by our motto: Noticeably Beautiful Lawns.

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6-Step Lawn Care Program

Over the years, we’ve refined a specialized 6-Step Lawn Care Program that’s designed to give your lawn the proper fertilization and weed/pest control at the right times to ensure its health and beauty. We know what to use and when to use it.

When we meet with you during our free consultation, our Certified Licensed Technicians will walk the property with you and address the individual needs of your unique lawn.

We’ll then set up a custom plan based on our proven 6-step program that will give you the beautiful lawn we know it can be.



Our pre-emergent fertilizer helps prevent crabgrass and broadleaf weeds by preventing germination while encouraging the growth and green color of your lawn.



The second application of weed control fertilizer ensures the elimination of weeds while continuing to provide the nutrients that encourage your lawn’s growth and color.



We apply a coordinated and balanced combination of fertilizer (to strengthen the roots systems) and insect control to protect your lawn from the stress brought on by summer dryness and heat, as well as surface-feeding insects.

***Optional Grub Control Application is applied at this time, as well as grub curative for customers who need it.


Late Summer

We continue the combination of fertilizer and insect control as needed to keep protecting your lawn from late-summer stress and surface-feeding insects that are in the prime of activity during these late, warm months.



This critical application consists of fertilizer, weed control, and iron to promote constant greening and root development deep into fall. By continually strengthening the roots, we prepare the lawn for cooler months ahead.



Your lawn is winterized with a high nitrogen and potassium fertilizer that’s specifically designed to strengthen its root zone. The grass stores these surplus nutrients for the winter months, allowing it to keep its healthy green color through the early spring.

100% Organic Lawn Fertilization Program

If you prefer to use only organic products, our Licensed Technicians will use only 100% top-rated organic fertilizer to ensure that your property remains herbicide- and pesticide-free, providing a safe, nutrient-rich lawn.

If you see weeds, we’ll spot spray them for FREE upon request. (Note that spot spraying is non-organic.)

Give Yourself the Treat of a Beautiful Lawn.

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When you meet with us during your free consultation, let us know about any concerns you might have regarding your lawn. We can then address those concerns with you in-person to come up with a custom plan that will eliminate all problems and promote a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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