Fleas and ticks can be host to various diseases, putting your family and pets at risk.

Add to that the fact that they can be elusive to the naked eye, and you can understand the importance of flea and tick control on your property.

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The Deer Tick

The deer tick is a common carrier of Lyme Disease, which attacks the organs and nervous system. They’re also known carriers of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis, among others.

The deer tick has a two-year life cycle. In the spring, thousands of eggs are laid. In the summer, these eggs hatch into blind, six-legged larvae, which promptly begin looking for a warm body to feed on. After feeding, they become dormant until the following spring, at which point they become eight-legged nymphs.

These nymphs are only the size of a poppy seed, and their bite is usually not felt, as ticks have a numbing agent in their saliva. This is why Harvest Lawn recommends a tick check anytime you are in high, grassy areas.

When the nymphs become adults in the fall, they require another feeding. They seek out animals with thick fur to use as a breeding ground, before falling off and laying their eggs, restarting the cycle.

The Flea

Fleas like to lay their eggs on the animal itself. When the animal moves, it’s common for the eggs to fall off, usually on paths that the animal frequents or in its bedding. Once the egg hatches, the larvae will feed on whatever is available, including old skin, hair, feces, and other organic matter (meaning that it does not have to be on a living animal at this stage) until it can build itself a cocoon.
The flea can lay dormant in this cocoon for almost a year. But once it senses movement, it will hatch within seconds.
Fleas can be host to a range of diseases, such as Murine Typhus, Tungiasis, and Tularemia, among others.

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