Benefits of Aeration and Overseeding

New grass from healthy seeds

Since Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and fall is well on its way, it may be time to utilize these two revitalizing services to boost the health of your lawn and soil. Aeration and overseeding tend to happen in two main seasons: spring and autumn. If you have always wondered what aeration or overseeding is, or if you have a loose understanding and want to know if it’s right for you and your turf, this article will help you through the logistics of it every step of the way!

Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn This Fall

Almost anyone with lawn care knowledge will let you know that if you have general wear and tear on your turf, your soil could be easily compacted. A turf’s soil can and likely will become compact when used repeatedly for things like parties, events, kids running and playing, pets being on it continuously, and a variety of other day-to-day activities that lawns are typically used for. Once you have determined that your turf does, in fact, have compacted soil, it will be time to move on to choosing to aerate your lawn.

Aeration, at its core, is simply loosening up the soil underneath your turf. Your soil needs space to move around, and if it is too tight, it stops the nutrients from flowing through the entire lawn. When your grass isn’t able to receive the nutrients from fertilizer, air, and water, it will not be healthy enough to survive winter weather, and it will not be likely that it will flourish again in the spring. To give your turf the healthiest option, it’s important to consider aeration as part of your fall lawn care service.

Best Time to Overseed and the Benefits of Doing So

Post-aeration process, you might consider following it up with overseeding. Overseeding is most often recommended to be done after aeration due to the soil’s ability to better receive and accept the nutrients. However, it can be done alone. If your soil does not appear to be compact, then you might just consider overseeding. This process is essentially just laying down seed on patchy, sparse, and discolored turf that needs a little help getting back to the full, deep green color that most property owners strive towards.

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If you notice that your turf is not looking like it is ready to take on the winter, or that it’s dying more quickly now that the cooler weather has arrived, call the pros at Harvest Lawn Care – we will have a solution for you! At Harvest Lawn Care we don’t just make amazing yards with our lawn care programs, we take the time to focus on what your lawn needs when it comes to aeration and overseeding.

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