June 21, 2021
soil nutrient testing

How To Revitalize Your Commercial Property With Soil Testing

Are you worried the shoddy landscaping of your commercial property is costing you business? Let Harvest Lawn Care's soil testing and lime application revitalize your property so you make a great first impression.
May 17, 2021
natural privacy fence

Develop a Privacy Wall With One of These Popular New Jersey Evergreens

Planting a row of lush, green foliage can provide you with your own personal privacy wall. It is cheaper than installing a fence and more aesthetically appealing. Harvest Lawn Care is home to tree and shrub care experts offering a highly effective tree and shrub care program. We've created a list of several common and popular evergreen trees that make the best privacy walls right here in New Jersey.
April 26, 2021
tall fescue grass

Best Grass Types For New Jersey Lawns

All grasses look green, but they are not all the same. Cool-season grasses come in many forms. Some are better for high-traffic areas while others are better at withstanding hot summer temperatures. Discover which variety will work best for restoring your lawn!
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